Tuesday, November 23, 2010

power of jon bon

on sunday we happened to drive by maddie's vet & hudson exclaimed "there's maddie's doctor!".

clint & i kinda caught our breath & waited for the tears.
it was an arrow to the heart.

no, it was a shot to the heart & i found out you can't really cry when bon jovi's playing.

shot to the heart
& you're to blame!
YOU give luuuuvvv a BAD NAME.

THAT was what happened to be on the radio at the time.  funny.  i told clint the next time we're feeling sad we should put on some bon jovi & laugh.  it's impossible to listen to that with out laughing (or rocking it while pretending you have long hair & tight leather pants on!).

funny stuff. 
& life goes on, apparently, though i do keep thinking i see her or hear her.  you know, out of the corner of my eye.  i guess that's normal, though it makes me sad.  might need to turn on some jon bon...


Mel Cable said...

funny you comment on bon jovi. I had the ELlen show on in the background today while trying to take a nap, and he was on the show, singing me to sleep, with of course with that song, cuz I guess he doesn't really sing anything else. Yall have a great t-day!

Eric and Ruth said...

I so love Bon Jovi old school. I think the Slippery When Wet album has the power to lift anyone's mood:).

aunt nonna said...

saaaaad. do you remember heather's bon jovi poster on her door in el paso? he looked so bad & cool.

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