Friday, November 5, 2010


tutus.  i love them.

a few weeks ago @ a trunk show this gal bought this shirt...

for her daughter.
she hadn't even thought of that shirt as being only for boys.  it's interesting how people can think of things so differently.
so we started talking & my mind was racing thinking of possibilities.
she said "this shirt with red boots!" 
and we both gasped!!
then i said, "this shirt with a red tutu!"
and it was just too much for both of us!
we reveled in the cuteness as we each imagined our daughters dressed up with the rodeo tee & a red tutu & boots!
nevermind that my daughter can't quite walk yet & hers in unborn.

minor details.

so of course i had to come straight home & get to work.
& here's the final product...

puffy, poofy, fluffy tuile
the stuff of little girl dreams, no?

and with the rodeo tee?

to die for.
well, that's my opinion :)

& for something a little different.
a little more sophisticated, maybe...

it's a pin that mommy can snag, too...

felt & tuile happiness.
this shirt would be punky with jeans or cords, too.

and for the holidays...

the monogram patch is not stitched down here, but you get the picture...

okay, i've got to go.
need to schedule the rodeo & several holiday parties so holland can have appropriate activites to attend in her new outfits make lunch...

ps:  i also have hot pink tutus, but that'll have to be another day...

tutus:  $23 (right now - might have to go up), onesize fits 6m-5T
all shirts: $23,  onesies: 3-6m, 6-12m & tees:  12m (lap tee), 2T, 4T, 6T

all found in the SHOP
(except monograms - email me for those alacritykellyATyahooDOTcom)

ppps:  hope you have a nice weekend.

1 comment:

kinsey said...

the rodeo-t and RED tutu is SO my style for a girl!! if i ever get to buy for one of my own, that is right up my alley ;-)

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