Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hipstamatic + ricola

& yes, i hear "riiiiii-col-aaaaaaa" in my head. you?

our week has consisted of a good deal of ricola, a little advil, some little noses, mucinex, that horrible blue-ball-nose-sucker-thing, & a good dash of mimi.


that doesn't really make sense.

i blame the mucinex.

nevermind. It couldn't be the mucinex because i completely detest mucinex & refuse to take it. this might be why i'm still sick, but i seriously hate cold medicines with a passion. they make me feel like a shriveled up prune.

what i'm trying to say is we've all been sick, & it's junky.

also, holland should be in the guiness book of world records for the amount of snot that girl can produce.


in the midst of fall sickie fest 2010, i discovered a fun new app called hipstamatic.

***warning! this is probably similar to the time I discovered pandora & thought it was the coolest new thing when everyone else had known about it for 2 years***

anyway, hipstamatic is so fun. you can station your sickie self on the couch & take pictures of all of the laundry you're not folding & poof! the pic turns out cool.
exhibit a:

wait a minute, that laundry is (mostly) already folded, isn't it? good job, kel.

you can also take a pic of your poor dog who just had surgery & voilĂ ! coolness...

poor maddie girl. i'm sorry for exploiting your surgery for blog purposes.

mr. fdny makes an appearance...

lovely picture of sickie me. thank you, hipstamatic for making your pictures super dark :)

and that's really all i've got, folks.

hope you're well wherever you are :)

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