Tuesday, December 21, 2010


some of my secret christmas crafting this year has involved felt.
i LOVE felt.
i'm making some felt food for the play kitchen the h's are getting this year.  SO FUN.  the possibilites are endless + you can make them while sitting on the couch - bonus!
usually i use the "eco-felt" from joann's made from recycled
plastic bottles, but i wanted the food
to last for a long time, so i opted for some wool blend.
i got it from benzie bazaar.
it came so cutely packaged &
has been SO MUCH FUN to play with.

exhibit a:
these were my first creation.
i think hudson's going to freak :)
google "felt food" for more ideas & tutorials if you're interested in making your own.
after christmas i'll have to show you more.  but i have a feeling this fun will go own beyond the christmas season.

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