Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas garden

tomatoes for christmas!

growing a garden has given me a much better attitude about south texas winters.  okay, just a little bit of a better attitude :)

along with sliced garden tomatoes, we'll be having the following for christmas eve dindin...

roasted lamb (that is if we don't mess it up. it's our first time to do lamb)
baked mashed potatoes with tons of sour cream & cream cheese
green bean bundles - crazy goodness. c & my FAV. what isn't good with bacon anyway?
broccoli casserole - ritz cracker toppings are right up there with bacon for me
mango cashew salad - i'll eat anything with balsamic vinegar, thank you very much.
creamy lemon pie - totally nontraditional, but sounded good to me.

after christmas I think I'll just have lettuce for a week.
also, I say that every year & never do it.

merry almost christmas!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Cathie wants to know who all you are cooking for cause it sounds like you are cooking for an army!!! Also she would like the left overs, if you don't mind! Ha Ha

kelly said...

tell her to come on over!!! :)

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