Wednesday, December 8, 2010

kitchen redo - not

i wanted to show you pics of our little kitchen redo, but the weather isn't cooperating & the pictures didn't come out. 
so that's another day.
today while hudson's at school, holland & i will be doing the great toy cleansing of 2010 & a little laundry while watching the today show.  yippeeeee!  super thrilling! 
seriously, i'm kind of excited actually. 
i've been so busy for several months - trying to squeeze working into every spare second that it's so nice to be (mostly) finished with work.  a day of little household things + time to drink my coffee sounds heavenly.
maybe i'll even make hot chocolate.  mmmmm.
happy lazy wednesday...


Anonymous said...

1. Your kids are beyond adorable. Seriously, love seeing their faces on here!

2. Patterned tights are all the rage up here, too. I just want to tell girls to put some pants on, but who am I to judge fashion?

3. I got excited FOR you about toy cleansing and Today Show watching! That sounds like fun to me, too!

kelly said...

court - thank you! i think they're pretty darn adorable, too :) except when theyre stinkers, then i just try to remind myself of the adorable part!

pattern tights work for 40 degree texas temps, but super cold & rainy?? i think i'd opt for sweatpants!

back to toy cleansing...

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