Friday, December 10, 2010

okay, so

i owe this blog a kitchen re-do post. 
i know.
but it's just that i got locked out of my house all afternoon (which i should also post about), & then i didn't have time to blog because napless children were crank-i-licious & there was dinner to do &christmas happenings to do & yadda yadda, ya know?
& now it's midnight & i've spent the night working on secret crafty family gifts, which unfortunately cannot be revealed as certain grandparents might very well read this blog, & also a good bit of online shopping & well, we watched the hour long office (holly??!!) & now paul mccartney is on jimmy fallon, clint's sacked out on the couch beside me & i'm wondering again who possibly has the time to ever go to bed before midnight??!!

okay, so blahdy-blah-blah...

aww - paul is talking about how the band all got back in good graces with each other after john died & they all realized what was important in life.  wasn't paul your favorite beatle, mom?  or was it ringo???  no, george, right??

& now we know the answer to why most of you go to bed before midnight - because you might ramble on & on & not make sense instead of blogging about your kitchen redo.

so really the point of this was that i thought you might want some linky-links to some fun stuff i saw while poking around the internet tonight.  surely you have a few more christmas purchases to make, too huh??! 

here's what i'm calling "what i almost got my sister for christmas" list.  hope you get some good ideas... (click on pics for links)

oh my dear goodness, i would be scooping this up like ice cream if they had the right size for the sis.  too bad.   

okay, i love this too.  sort of the perfect christmas shirt, huh?  but in the end, i just couldn't tell if she'd love me forever, or give me the stink eye. 

little cheese knife.  cute & on sale @ anthro!  if she weren't traveling all over during the holidays, i'd consider a few of these, maybe a nice little cutting board, & some nice cheeses...  (see??  see the nice things you'd get if only you lived closer???!)

and anthro has several classic books like this one on sale - GREAT idea!  again, would have been a possibility (maybe a different title) if she weren't packing my gift away & lugging it halfway around the world.  this would be SO cute for a book lover.

this is a journal with instructions & everything you need to stitch their initial into the middle.  cute, huh?  they have it in blues & greens, too.  & on sale.  great idea.  thought about it.  but just not completely right.  maybe for your sister?  sister in law?

so sweet.  this is a little ring dish.  this would be so sweet someone's new little wedding ring.  & my sister will promptly be giving me the stink eye for putting this one on, BUT i'm just saying, my SISTER IN LAW is engaged & maybe i should get this for HER.  oh, & theyre handmade in austin.

clint just woke up & said "kelly.  seriously."  (then went back to sleep.)  but he's right - it's now 1am! 

in conclusion, i still need to find my sister a gift.

please send suggestions :)


Eric and Ruth said...

You know I love online's so fun and you can end up spending a ton of time doing it and not even realize!

kelly said...


aunt nonna said...

i love them all!!! and i don't have a stink eye- don't know WHAT you're talking about!
i am leaving a little room in my bag to fly back with....
ps- it was definitely GEORGE she liked the most! the most underrated beatle.
can't wait to see you SOOOO SOOOOON!
ps- the weird code that i have to type in to make sure i am not a spammer commenter is STSIA- sista!

kelly said...

see?? i got the sister seal of approval, y'all!

ps: you have a stink eye & we all know it.

Anonymous said...

Well for sure my favorite Beatle was Paul and i had several pictures one of which usually was under my pillow! He was the dreamyist with those eyes!!!!! Hey isn't he single again?? Johnna could you hook me up?? You know, for christmas.......Use your stink eye, he surely could not resist that.....

kelly said...

oh my gosh! too funny, mom!!

aunt nonna said...

mom- i think you've just made your love of all beatles known because i distinctly remember you talking about how much you loved george.
i'll give paul a ring when i'm back in london and see what i can do ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, at this point, I'll take George! HA. Wait, i think he's gone!!!

kelly said...

dear beatles,
sorry for defaming you on my blog. we just can't remember which of you is still among us. my apologies.
in the event that you are indeed still alive george, please give my mom a call.

kelly harp

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