Monday, December 13, 2010

the night before, the night before

hudson just learned how to hold his book like his teacher does.
you know, like this -
he's pretty impressed with himself.

& it's pretty cute.
his aunt will be happy to know he calls it the "hook em horns" because when you're holding the book only 2 of your fingers show & it looks like hook em horns :)
he's reading this book...

"the night before, the night before christmas" by natasha wing.  you can find it here on amazon for $4!  hudson got it last year from his grandparents but wasn't too interested as it has a few sentences per page & we just weren't there last year.
it's a rhyming poem just like "the night before christmas", only it's about a family with young kids.  the book is funny & sweet without being cheesy, which i greatly appreciate as i feel quite overloaded with the cheesed out kids books that abound this time of year!

wishing you cool temps, good books, & lots of hot chocolate :)


Anonymous said...

SO bright, that boy! I LOVE him...
The mimi

aunt nonna said...

yay! hook 'em horns, that's my boy!
he looks JUST like c in these pics.

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