Tuesday, January 25, 2011

over there

i started a new list.  it's called "ever changing points of interest" & then i added that it's "likely quite random" & yes, that's turned out to be quite true :)

over there on the left.  see it?  it's underneath the labels.  see it?

finding myself with several links to several random items i happen to be interested in (think: cooking tips/recipes to try, clothes, raising backyard chickens, projects to do with kiddos, npr articles...), i needed a way to keep up with them.  then i thought maybe you'd be interested too, so instead of creating yet another favorites file, i thought i'd just keep them here.

just a little public service announcement for ya :)

ps:  holland is doing fine.  she seems to have a little cold, but the barking cough hasn't come back.  i'm so thankful. 
here are some pics of her watching the rain yesterday...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh that second to last picture makes me want to come to Houston NOW! Squeeze and kiss her for me! Love mimi

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