Thursday, January 27, 2011

cream & sugar

enjoying my birthday roses.

sunday was my birthday. 
i highly recommend a sunday birthday.  you get started on saturday night & then you have all day sunday to celebrate & by "celebrate", i mean guilt free lazing around because it's your birthday.  fabulous.

saturday we went to a fun little craft store & a did a little shopping around.  window shopping really, but that seemed quite nice because it's not really possible with littles.  i forgot to mention that first i got all dressed up - heels & everything!  that was fun.  i really wish i had a picture - it was one of those outfits you have in your head, but you're wondering if it will look as cute in real life & it did!  birthday miracle!  (belted dress + jeans + black blazer + heels, oh & + "sucky-iny underwear.  i think you know what i mean!)
those sucky-iny underwear were my best friend @ dinner because holy good gracious i ate SO MUCH.  niko niko's was on food network once & clint assured me it was amazing.  greek food.  we ate the most delicious, melt in your mouth feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, tzaziki, greek salad (with more feta!), & all manner of greek goodness dips - all to mix & mingle in little pita triangle.  oh dear, at the first bite i knew i was in serious trouble.  serious.  & that was just the first course.  i don't know if you've had serious greek food, but go.  eat.  now. 
i'm still dreaming of the feta.
oh, the feta!
we were crazy full, but it only seemed right to get some cake.  a birthday isn't complete without cake, don't ya know :)  so we ate a crazy huge piece of cake from the chocolate bar
good gracious, it's a wonder we made it home.

& sunday i lounged while clint & hudson slaved away making a lemon cake with raspberry filling.  so good - especially cold.
ahhhh.  such a good birthday.  hello new year.  please lead me to the spanx.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!!Makes me feel i was there! How fun! Oh and coming next week, bringing the spandex! Ha

Love Mom

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