Thursday, January 20, 2011

recipe rundown

my little rundown of the new recipes tried this week...

first off, i highly recommend following the directions.  weird, huh?  as i said on another post, i added too much chili powder & it was killer hot.  oops.  also, do add lime & as always with soup, it's better the second day.  oh, & it makes a crazy ton, which is awesome because you can put some in the freezer.  and lastly, i used drumsticks instead of the chicken breast, which saved at least $5 (which i will now put in my "saving for a facial" jar).  i gave it 4 mitts on the tasty kitchen site.

turkey sausage baked ziti -

go get turkey sausage. 
go get pasta. 
make your tummy happy.
this will definitely be on our frequently-made circuit for the winter.  it's tasty & gives you that hearty kind of winter food feel, but is pretty darn healthy to boot.  hello 8 cups of spinach! 
i made a few suggestions/modifications in my review.
oh, & i used wheat pasta & it worked great.

chai tea concentrate -

this one was so random & i just did it @ the last minute & i'm SO glad i did.  i love chai tea lattes over ice - sort of like a pumpkin pie over ice.  without the pumpkin.  know what i mean?
i'm trying to say it's spice-y!
& hudson looooved it. 
that child.
weirdest taste buds ever.  glad he likes it, though because it's a great way to get him to drink milk.  & i made it with decaf tea.
anyway, as i was saying - yum.

alright, happy thursday bloggyville.

ps:  i wrote more detailed reviews of each of these recipes on the tastykitchen site, so if you're going to make them, you can check out more of my thoughts there.  because that's what you need, right?  more of my thoughts :)

pps:  @ tastykitchen, i'm "cookingwithkelly" & yes that nerdy, but it was late & i had to come up with something for a username, so quit making fun of me, okay?

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