Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you must excuse my bloggy absense yesterday...

i was far too busy being pampered with a facial.
it's my bi monthly facial.
no, just kidding, i get them quarterly.  no, yearly.
wait, NO!  i had never had one!  can you believe?

fortunately (unfortunately?), i now know exactly what i've been missing out on & will be saving my pennies for more!

my face was fabulously scrubbed, moisturized, & all matter of such by my new friend, pepper, an early birthday gift from my crazy amazing hubs.  seriously.  THANK YOU, C!!!  (from me & my pores)

it's hard to recover from such ridiculous pampering, but i'm trying.  besides, the kiddies don't respond well to me lying on the couch (cucumbers on my eyes) ordering them around. 


in conclusion, facials = fabulocity (& if you're in houston, i HIGHLY rec pepper).


Jaclyn said...

SO fun!! I want to go!!!! i do have a 20% off coupon...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Kel, am i going to be there the week of the 16th? Let me know so i can book a facial!

walkers said...

oh kelly, i could not agree more. I think I like them mor than a massage- could it be possible? so glad you were pampered, get one again soon!

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