Friday, February 25, 2011

bocci ball

have you ever played?
it's one of those random games that you're kinda like "is that a real game?  how dumb."
i saw the game once on anthony bourdain & totally had that reaction.
then i played it.  then i got hooked.

(similar to angry birds - holla, jen)

clint & hudson play it all the time.  this weekend they let me in on the goods.

i even beat clint a few times.  (don't tell him i told you.)

bonus?  it's one of those few games littles can actually play pretty well.

in between tricycle rides, of course

it's so simple - you just throw the little ball...

& then each player tries to get their ball as close to the little one as possible.

clint's secret "top spin" move.

that's it.
so simple, eh?

even sis likes it :)

she likes everything, though.  even biting mommy these days (yeah, nice.)

there is one problem.  it's easy to loose the ball in winter grass.
we almost lost it a few times.  see it??

& a last cheese-a-licious pic of me & the h's after the big match...

ps:  a big dank u wel to the creative aunt nonna who gifted hudson with the bocci ball set - 10 gold auntie stars!  best gift!


LuLiTa said...

awww! i love this post. thank god i delivered it to him in person because clearly the royal mail is unreliable (tear for holland's books & your adorable tea towel).

ps: glad you like the mag & hud likes the bacce ball, but remember call it boule around jonty- it will save you the teasing for americans always using the italian names of things (zucchini instead of courgette, etc) not to mention a history lesson about where boule was invented (roll eyes ;)


kelly said...

oh funny! is that how you spell it??! i almost said "petanque", but it just seems so easy to say (& spell!) bocci!!! ha!

LuLiTa said...

i gave you the pie crust you have to post!

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