Thursday, February 24, 2011

wednesday morning scrubbing

it's weird how non napping children can throw off your whole week.  that might sound ridiculous, but it's true. 
i haven't done half of what i was planning to do this week, but i DID make a homemade body scrub.

random?  yes, but totally necessary.  i love this scrub.  1.  it leaves your skin really soft, infused with oil,  2.  it's not very $$, & 3.  how cool that what you're putting on your skin is so natural, you could eat it.  i mean, gross, but cool - you know?

not pictured:  salt (already in the scrub!)
all you need is a glass jar (i found this one @ the dollar store for, you guessed it - $1), some sea salt - i like the salt to be a little bit coarse, but not so much that it would irritate your skin, & sunflower oil.  on the salt & oil - you can probably find these @ your grocery store, or even places like marshall's.  it's going on your skin, so the higher quality product you can find, the better.  you can also use sugar & there are all kinds of oils that work - just google "homemade body scrub" & you'll find tons of ideas.  okay, & lastly, it's not necessary, but you can use an essential oil.  my favorite is rosemary oil.  it has a fresh, eucalyptus-y smell.  i got this @ our health food store.  using an essential oil makes the scrub smell amazing, which is a big plus for me, but again, it's not "essential" (hahaha!).

1.  throw in your salt.  you'll probably end up with equal parts oil & salt, but 2.  start with about half the amount of oil, stir with a spoon & add little by little, mixing up until you have the right consistency.  there's really no right way to do this, it's up to you.  i had to let my inner "first born child & i'll do everything EXACTLY right & by the book" self go on this one.   3.  last step is to add a few drops of your essential oil.  i add 2-3, mix & then add more if i want.

& voila!  you have a body scrub

you may now scrub all of your cares {crying baby} away :)


Jaclyn said...

so fun! this would be a good teacher gift too!

kelly said...

true, jaclyn! they definitely need some spa therapy :)

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