Thursday, February 3, 2011


i've been...

MAKING:  iced chai tea lattes & bread from THIS book

LISTENING TO:  npr: fresh air podcasts - these two shows, in particular

CLEANING UP:  vomit laundry {but i think i mentioned that earlier :) }

READING:  moloka'i by alan brennert, as suggested by jen

CRAFTING:  with embroidery companion thanks to clint

what about you?


Mel Cable said...

kelli- are most of those breads yeast breads. I'm all into healthy breads, but quick breads as I am not a baker.

nonna said...

i just accidentally made the yummiest, easiest brunch!

- boil enough water for 3 medium (charlotte) potatoes
(+ a cup of tea while you cook)

while kettle is boiling...and then stopping to put salt, potatoes in sauce pan to continue boiling (cut potatoes into smaller pieces if they are large:

-chop 3/4-ish spinach leaves, 1 cup button mushrooms, 1 small leek, 1 clove garlic, 1 cup cherry tomatoes (or sub any other veg you have in the fridge)
-put all veg together in a bowl
-crack however many eggs you want, depending on how many people you are serving 1-2 each) into a separate bowl, whisk & add 1.5 Tbsp milk, salt, pepper & red chili flakes

-when you get the potatoes soft enough to easily cut all the way through, strain and pour cold water over them
-heat grapeseed oil, salt, pepper in frying pan, med heat while cubing potatoes (it's ok if they crumble- it's very difficult to over cook a potato!)
-cook potatoes, mixing regularly until they are golden on as many sides as possible

-then pour veggie mix on top of them and let sit until spinach wilted, mushrooms darker, leeks golden, etc (just a couple minutes really- don't over do it)

-then pour egg/milk over veg and grate cheese over top. let settle until egg thickens...

this is where you have an option:
i separated mine almost into strips once the egg was thick and put it into a giant tortilla with hot sauch- YUM. but i suppose you could just make it into an omelette, but you may want to stir the veg around before you add the egg in that case. my favourite thing was that the potatoes were kind of the base so it was a mix between and omelette and a spanish tortilla.

dessert: mom's peach jam on baguette & cinnamon coffee! livin the dream! xx

kelly said...

mel - i've only tried one bread - it was a yeast bread, BUT was super duper easy to make. the hands on time is hardly any time - especially once you've gotten used to it. the catch is timing as you make the dough (5 mins), then let it sit for 2 hrs, then make it into loaves (3 mins), then let it sit for 40 mins, then bake for an hour. however, you can make a big batch of dough & refridgerate it. i would HIGHLY recommend trying it, at least. the bread i made was great for sandwiches, organic, & SO MUCH cheaper than store bought. i got the book from the library & 2 days later ordered it from amazon. i'll have to post more about my bread baking adventures!
johnna - YUM! sounds so good. thanks for sharing! it's a crazy sisterly connection we have because seriously - i was just thinking about how we have lots of eggs that i need to use this week & also i chopped too many leeks for our stirfry last night & have left overs... doo-doo-doo-doo :)
ps: what are charlotte potatoes?

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