Monday, January 31, 2011

the great thing about throw up is...

you can smell it. 
this is helpful in the middle of the night when you're checking in on your little sickie baby & don't want to wake her.  open the door, sniff, sniff & you'll know whether she's yarfed or not.

have i mentioned before that my children have the most sensitive gag reflexes in north america?
yes, i believe i have.


holland quickly recovered from the croup, but it left her with a nasty cold.  & where there's a cold, there's snot & where there's snot with my kids, there's vomit.  it's that plain & simple.  they puke when they're congested.


truly, i have to say i'm super thankful for the short existence of the croup - i'll take a bad cold over the croup anyday, but throwing up is rough ground around here.  most of you know my kiddos have a metabolic disorder that takes a long time to explain, but isn't a huge problem until they're throwing up.  THEN it puts mom & pop in overdrive.  we have to make sure they don't go very long without food.

not such a big deal, right?  feed holls right before bed & she'll be fine, right??

did i mention that my kids have this teeny tiny little issue with puking in their bed & then going right back to sleep??

ummhmmm.  yeah.  SICK.  as well as super dangerous for them.

in conclusion, i'd like to say that i am happy for the following...

1.  mimi is coming today (hallellllluuuuujah!).
2.  i am going to dallas for a few days (yippppeeee!).
3.  holland is doing much better & hasn't puked in about 18 hrs 8.5hrs.

i am looking forward to a few days sans puke.
it's the little things, people :)

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Meg said...

bless your heart! there is NO great thing about throw up!! i would rather clean up diarrhea every day for a year than clean up throw up!! you are such a good mama. i know it's rough. enjoy your time away!!

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