Thursday, February 10, 2011


does every little kid say "valentiMes"??  so cute :)

here are hudson's...

a few bigger ones for his teachers...

they turned out pretty cute & would have been pretty easy except that our hole punch is janky & you have to squeeze the daylights out of it to work.

this is a great beginning sewing project for little ones, but start it early if you have several to do as it's hard for them to do very many @ a time.  learned that one from experience :)  hudson did about 5 of these & i did the rest, but i think he would have done a few a day if i had had them ready in time.

all we did was cut out hearts from posterboard, punch holes, & lace with yarn.  i added some tape to the end of the yarn hudson used to make it easier for him. 

also, half way through, i realized you can teach different stitches using this project...

this is the blanket stitch, for example.

obviously this would be for older kiddos.  hudson was just trying to get the yarn in the holes :)

& that's it!
happy almost valentiMe's!


Anonymous said...

Love Mimi

Mel Cable said...

I may have to steal this, although I now only have 3 days to pull it off, but I'm thinking an almost 8 year old and a 5 year old could pick up the pace. I've also been debating those sucker pops. And may I tell you the only reason I am at all doing something crafty is because their school doesn't allow character/cartoon driven valentines, so no wal-mart cheating for me.

kelly said...

mom - i will!!
mel - yay for craftiness! yes, i bet your boys could do this a lot faster! just punch the minimum amount of holes that will still keep the candy it. did you try the bread??!

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