Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wednesday stuff

we're digging out of the trenches around here. 
i came home from dallas to the very tail end of holland's 2 week long congestion induced barf-fest, only to find myself feeling puny :(  allergies, or something.  sunday night i was finally feeling better when meredith, her mom & two boys showed up to stay with us for a few days.  the plan was for samuel sleep on the floor in hudson's room & hudson was THRILLED to death to get to play with his buddy AND have a sleepover. 
2 hours later samuel turns to his mom & suddenly pukes all down her shirt (hello motherhood!) & there we were - all back out with lysol, clorox wipes, & laundry out the wazoo. 
poor hudson was so confused as to why samuel would come all that way only to be quarantined to our guest bedroom :(
thankfully no one has gotten the bug (KNOCK ON WOOD) & i'd like to take the rest of the year off of laundry.
so this is why i have absolutely nothing to post about.
except that my scale broke this morning, & i'm a daily-weigher.  & that's a bummer, except maybe god's trying to tell me something?!  & in case you're actually wanting something of substance to read (instead of this!), these two posts are some of the best i've ever read about body image & weight.  for your enjoyment...

we made it to wednesday, people!


mere said...

awwww my dear kelly! the laundry is because of us....and just take a look at my post for our day in pictures yesterday! i'm still a little depressed about our bummer of a trip. we will just plan it again in a month or two. i have told everybody how sweet hud was to samuel when he was standing there crying, throw up everywhere and it coming out of his nose...saying "why is he's ok's ok samuel" such a sweetie!!!! he was so very concerned. well... LOVE YOU!!!!! and i am so sorry about the germ infiltration. :) many many prayers have been and are coming your way!!!

mere said...

ps i also realized i literally saw holland for about 30 mins! :( :( :( :(

kelly said...

ha! i just commented on your post - too funny!
no - it's totally okay! i'm sick of laundry because i'd already been doing daily loads & loads from holland's throw up fest!
i'm just glad samuel is better. poor little guy :)
we must reschedule!! at least we got to spend some time together on the cleaning isle @ kroger :)

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