Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wednesday morning deja vu

gah.  this morning is just like yesterday's.  i'm still not together, holland's still wailing away in her crib, & i still have nothing to post!  sorry.

here's my morning plan...
force myself not to go rescue that child from her bed - she's GOT to take a morning nap, for pete's sake!
get a grocery list together (i'm thinking about THIS for dinner)
listen to a little npr
finish the monogrammed tea towel for my mother-in-law's birthday
wrap & mail birthday presents

2 things: 
1.  i need more coffee
2.  being "together" is overrated :)

here's a (terrible) pic of the tea towel i'm working on...

post script:  i finally just had to go get her :(  a whole hour in there & not one wink of sleep.  gah.

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