Tuesday, March 8, 2011

monday morning cooking

 monday i had to make a meal for a friend.

i knew it would go one of two ways:

good or bad

{original, huh?}

what i mean is, i just didn't know how an intense morning of cooking would go with the 2 munchkins.  a brief glimmer of store bought rotisserie chicken + bagged salad drifted into my mind @ about 8:30 a.m., but oh, no, i just couldn't.  i had my heart set on this family getting p-dub's fabulous lasagna come hell or high water.

& well, it's true we'd be eating whatever i made for them, too, so there was double the incentive.

so how did it go?  amazingly, i tell you!  holland gifted me a whole hour & 15 mins of naptime PLUS the 30 minutes of playing in her crib that it took for her to fall asleep.  & in a twist of fate that i can only call a miracle, that sweet boy of mine took the same 2 hours (ish) to become inthralled with andrea bocelli singing a lullaby to elmo (via youtube, via my iphone).  brilliant!

so what started as "gosh, i hope i can pull lasagna off", turned into "how about lasagna, homemade garlic bread, parsley butter, & croutons"!!  yipppeeeee.  it was my culinary dream morning, really.

parsley butter (literally butter + parsley + s&p)

the parsley should have been chopped a bit more!  one side was just buttered for the kiddos.

i need to do a post on making croutons - crazy easy.

packaging the salad (mixed greens from heb - my fav)

stopping to feed the 2 pumpkins

naturally hudson needed to be in his pj's to watch andrea sing elmo the  lullaby (42 times).
he acted the whole thing out, getting his fav pj's on, pillow & blanket on the couch.
sometimes he opted to play the guitar while andrea sang.
packaging everything...

& this is what the monitor looked like while i finished up.
 the h's were in hudson room screaming, i mean playing :)

i took a "hey, here's me in my kitchen" pic.
but it kinda looks like my middle school smiles where i tried to hide my braces.

so i took another one.
not sure which i like better, though!

a little more play while i load everything up.

notice we've lost our shoes & headband.
oh well :)
& we were off to our friends' house!


Jaclyn said...

you are super mom....really.
jer is gone and it is kraft mac and cheese in this house tonight :)

LuLiTa said...

aaaaaahhh! holls' hair is so long! she is sooooooooo cute! i miss those babes. can't wait to read miss beatrix potter books to them! xx

kelly said...

jac - really, you know otherwise!!!
johnna - i know, isn't it?! sometimes it looks quite mullet-y. i'm getting worried...

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