Monday, March 7, 2011

sunday night run down...

EATING:  this WITH butterscotch chips, too - oh yes!
WATCHING:  the wild within -  a super manly, travel channel show that i'm strangely interested in
SMELLING:  the ricotta clint just made - can that man cook!
READING:  The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society
COOKING(tomorrow):  PW's lasagna (shocker!!) & roasted garlic bread from this book.
STITCHING:  monogrammed pillowcases, a wedding gift for clint's sister


Anonymous said...

I want to live at your house!!! It is SO boring here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait till yall come here for spring break and make my house smell like yours must!!!Oh the smell of lasagna and garlic bread hint hint.......Oh and Yogart, apple sauce and cinnamon, but don't worry about the 3 later, i fix those! Love Mimi

Christy said...

i am making pw lasagna this week too!
it is SO good. what is this garlic bread like? sounds good!

kelly said...

got the hint, mom :) haha!!
c - yippeeee for pw's lasagna!! the garlic bread did turn out well. i need to tweak it a bit more & then maybe i'll post it.

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