Wednesday, March 2, 2011

out & about

we've been spending a lot of time outside lately. 

picnics, walks, swinging, gardening.

the weather has been gorgeous.  we've had the kind of days where you're chilly in the shade, but sit in the sun for 20 minutes & you'll think you need a bikini because it's gotten so hot.

also, the word "bikini" makes me want to run for the hills.
you know what i mean.
the sun can be blinding...

i've also done a little gardening.  the frozen temps took most of our potted plants & the front was looking like a plant graveyard. i spent one saturday morning strolling the aisles of our local plant nursery.  maybe this is weird, but nurseries are starting to become a favorite place- all color & life springing up.  i found myself in the vegetable section. & i thought, why not do some potted herbs & a veggie?
parsley, mint,
& swiss chard

2 basils
& swiss chard
  i added a few flowers for a bit of color...

now all i have to do is remember to water :)


Christy said...

looks like fun!
we have been enjoying the outside lately too!
duncan has many bumps on his head from all of the playgrounds :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and wonderful MOM you are! That sunshine looks SO good! Send some this way. Better yet, bring it with you! Come for a visit. Love Mimi

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