Thursday, March 3, 2011

super simple dinner (or lunch)

i should show you what our basil plants look like now (pics yesterday were from a few weeks ago).
they're almost picked to the bone because i keep making tomato basil quesadillas.
when i planted all the herbs, i hoped i would think of enough ways to use them.  so far it hasn't been a problem, especially with the basil.

i made this up for lunch one day & kept making them everyday until i worried the basil plants would die because i picked too many leaves!  so far they're okay, but i went back for more basil plants yesterday :)

i love how pioneer woman does recipes with step-by-step pics, so i decided to try that with these quesadillas.
so here's what you do...

thinly slice mozzarella

pretty thin. see?

layer mozzarella on the tortilla. you don't need a ton. this may even be a bit too much, but then again too much mozzarella???

sprinkle tomato slices on top.  my fav are cherry or grape tomatoes.

layer a few basil leaves on top.  the leaves of my plant were HUGE!  i hope they grow back fast.

add a few more thin slices of mozzarella.

add a sprinkle or two of salt & pep.

drizzle balsamic vinegar on top.  a Tablespoon or so.  the more vinegar you use, the more you'll need to grill it, to keep it from getting too soggy.

it should look like this.

fold in half.

pull your george foreman grill out of the back of the closet & put the tortilla on it.  oh, you threw your george foreman out in the late 90s??  weird!  you can do this in a hot grill pan, or regular pan.  just press down with your spatula, to get that smooshed togetherness.

grill for a few minutes, until mozzarella is melted & everything is warm.  it should look like this...

here's where it would have been nice to have a nice pic of the quesadilla on my plate.  oops! 
just imagine, mkay?

these make a light (well, depending on your mozzarella usage) lunch, or make more for dinner.  they'd be great with a salad, too.

let me know if you try this.  i'd love to hear if it inspires you to pick your basil plant clean :)

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