Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend food


(blender is broken)

lately weekends around here have been "clean out the fridge" fests.  it's a challenge to see what we can come up with.  smoothies are a great option.  dump it in & push blend, that's my motto :)
i'm not sure making ricotta totally qualifies as cleaning out the fridge (cleaning out the herb garden?!), but sunday when we got back from the nursery (more gardening this week!!), i declared it time for clint to make his amazing herbed ricotta
& he did. 
& then i ate it like the famished, child-wielding gardener that i was.
this is my favorite way to eat it...

you'll probably not be surprised that i grill this on my good old george forman, but of course you can use your fancy-shmancy grill pan if you must.  just use something heavy, like a pot on top to press.
mmmm.  it was a good food weekend.

& here's to another monday, folks.


mere said...

herbed ricotta recipe please? that sounds DELISH!

kelly said...

mere! okay, it's on my list...
ps: call me. i'm thinking june + jen.

nonna said...

dude. please move to europe so i can come over when you make delicious goodies. i'm crazy hungry. love you sista xx

kelly said...

dude, i'm packing my bags...

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