Friday, March 25, 2011


my name is kelly, & i'm not a risk taker.
not naturally anyway.
i worry.  i fret.  i don't think i'll do things as good as whoever & whatever.
i look for the easy way.
i don't do anything @ all.
i worry that if i take a risk, it will turn out like this...

see horrific post here

i'm trying to work on this.
sometimes i have to {gently} tell myself to {gently} shut up & just try something.
i hold my breath & do it.
pinch my nose & do a cannon ball right into the deep end.

& sometimes it turns out like that horrible pink wreath.

& sometimes it turns out like our cheery green kitchen...

WHY can't i get this pic to turn the right way??!
& sometimes it turns out like this robot shirt.

i was totally bummed that the paint bled, but hudson found it on my sewing table & begged to wear it.  one man's trash...

nothing risked, nothing gained, eh?

for more risk taking mojo, check out the nester.

the risk i'm going to take this weekend?  finish the old stool i painted THIS color
a risk, no?  yaay me!


Anonymous said...

Out of ALL the things you do SO WELL, your bound to mess up once in a while. It's ok. It's the fact that you chanced it that counts! What are those pink things anyway??? You are so funny! Didn't i get some robot material last time i was in houston? I think i have instructions from Mr. H to make a happy birthday sign out of it. Hey looking at that blog, 2 questions? 1. Is the planter the color you painted the stool? 2. Seeing that chair that she recovered, makes me wish we had bought those two love seats!
Love Mom

kelly said...

mom - YES! that planter is the color, which makes me so fashionable!! ha! & i know - those love seats were awesome. one day...!!

Jen Haney said...

was this post for me?? :) Ok Ok!! I got the message Kel....:)

I LOVE your green cabinets- it really inspires me. We are starting our cabinet project this saturday.

Loved catching up with you...will keep you posted on the great kitchen re-do 2011!

kelly said...

jen - yaaaay!!! fun! can't wait to hear about the drama, i mean FUN :)

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