Thursday, April 7, 2011

good play days

lots of serious play & fun field trips this week.  it's like spring break or something.
{which is nice because our actual spring break totally sucked.}
side note:  i just noticed that hudson's hair is sticking up in every single picture.  in my defense, i'd like to say i DO remember trying to comb it once this week.  ah-hem.

watercolor (taken very seriously)
several sessions of "let's build a giant castle!!!"  & yes, every time the blocks become a "giant castle", often with a fire station.  sometimes a police station if the royal family is particularly lucky.
airport visit + a pond
and finally...trip to the zoo(with buddies!)
arriving - it's just all too exciting.

oh.  you, like, want us to stay with you guys?

question:  what do little boys want to do @ the zoo?
answer:  climb on rocks.

answer:  climb walls
(what giraffe?)
to be continued...  blogger is saying i ran out of pictures space.  whaaa???


nonna said...

so cute! love holls' green bow. hud is SO BIG :( i miss him!
i can't believe he is about to have a birthday...craziness.
why were you at the airport???
can you please, for the love of pete, skype tonight?!?!

Virginie M. said...

Thanks so much for the comment you left, Kelly. That was really encouraging...I'm going to save it that email. "I think I can...I think I can." I really appreciate it. :-)

kelly said...

sis - so glad we skyped! & i know - that big bow on her bitty head is to die for :)
v - i'm so glad you feel encouraged. you're going to do great, mama!!!

Jaclyn said...

so fun! that picture of holland with her little snack melts me!!!!

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