Friday, April 8, 2011



Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! If i didn't know better i'd think you lived in Tyler! I really miss that season, with lots of roses in the house. My HEB does not have that good price and i'm in the home town of HEB!!! Oh well. The Hydrangea is another of my favorites and that one looks yellow?? Don't think i have ever seen a yellow one. Do you think they took the white ones and used coloring? Beautiful anyway! Love mom

Jaclyn said...

lovely! hydrangea is my most favorite, i might need to visit HEB tomorrow for flowers...oh, and milk for the kids and stuff :)

kelly said...

mom - our heb just started carrying $4 flowers - maybe it's an economy thing?? & it was a creamy white hydrangea, just looks read from the pic.
jaclyn - the children don't need milk. they need pretty flowers. at least you have your priorities straight.

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