Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 places i'd like to move...

{today, anyway}

1. austin
2. asheville, nc
3. brooklyn

why austin?  jo's coffee, the vibe maaaan, proximity to family, parts&labour, close to UT - maybe go back for a master's?, south congress, community
why asheville?  the mountains!, c lived there as a child, big artist community, early girl, 4 (real)seasons
why brooklyn?  no car needed, prospect park, pizza out the ying yang, inspiration in the air, proximity to so many creative people, cultural epicenter


nonna said...

Addition to 1: sustainable home with a big garden
Addition to 3: cheaper flights to London

4. London (duh.)
5. Catskills (hiking, proximity to NYC, cheaper flights to London, sustainable farming community)
6. Hill country farm?


Longer skype date tonight?

Jaclyn said...

no thank you. you are fine where you are. ok?

mere said...

my vote is AUSTIN....please don't move far away!!! :)

kelly said...

jlg - good thoughts, yo.

jaclyn - heehee :)

mere - thanks for the love :)

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