Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what the heck we're doing.

i kept waiting for this brilliant post to surface, explaining exactly what the heck we're doing.
all day i waited.
no brilliant post magically appeared from heaven.
so i took a pic of clint in the shop.
he works hard for the money.
so hard for the money.
so hard for the money, & i better treat him right.

(please tell me you knew i was quoting a song.) 

here's a picture of one of c's tables in progress...

this is pre-sanded & pre oiled.  & pre-coveted!  i'm not sure i'll be able to let this one go.  i'm thinking it might be my favorite piece of furniture he's ever made.  if this were mine, i'd put it with those super coolio galvanized chairs floating around these days.  i believe the look is called "industrial farmhouse".

& we're still working on our website.  we finally buckled down & got a babysitter, as it doesn't appear that without one, we can get the website finished. 
those darn kids (kidding.).
it will be money well spent, i'm sure.

okay, well that's a little peek into what we're up to...  i'll keep trickling the details in (you know, as we figure it out).


Anonymous said...

Wow, the table is wonderful! Love it, wish i had room for one twice that size here! We need it. Maybe he can build us a couple of picknic tables. The chairs are so cool and how neat is it that Hudson Good's is the name that sells them. With that price, we might need Tim to get to welding!

mere said...

LOVE the table and LOVE the chairs...can't wait to see the table finished!
ps clint looks like huddy in that pic!

kelly said...

i know - the table is really pretty amazing. & i do love those "hudson good's" chairs. h & c - they DO both make that face! funny!

Christy said...

love the table! it is awesome! i know that you must be so proud of him!
hope all is well with the harp family :)

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