Thursday, June 16, 2011

doing the deed

yes, thank you for that round of applause :)
i'm usually a total sucker for the prepackaged stuff - SO EASY. but, here are 3 great things about buying a head of spinach:

1. cheaper,
2. little packaging,
3. NOT "washed" in chlorine.

so i took the plunge & it wasn't that bad. it does create a few more dirty towels, but really what is a few more dirty towels??! ever since we quit (mostly) using paper towels & napkins, i've gotten quite used to an abundance of dirty towels.
& while we're on the subject, i'll share that dirty (damp) towels & houston don't mix well. just in case you were wondering.
i'm pretty sure we live in the mold capital of the world. consider this a public service announcement.

& in case you buy your own head of lettuce {we can be crazy, hippie, rebels together!!!},here {again} is my current fav spinach salad dressing.

oh, & articles with good info on prepackaged veggies here, here & here.


nonna said...

two words: salad. spinner.
i'm growing swiss chard and regs cos lettuce this year- super easy to keep alive :) xx

kelly said...

i know! i'm a kitchen minimalist, but i think i do need a spinner. what is regs cos lettuce?? i have swiss chard & oddly enough, it's still doing okay in this crazy heat. swiss chard always reminds me of that little garden you had in austin.

nonna said...

that garden was so strange...for some unknown reason (not me!)everything grew really well there.
i just recently realised i'm choking my tomato plants in pots that are too small, but i think i caught it in time to save them.
can we skype soon please?

nonna said...

oops that was just supposed to be a link to cos's basically a nicer version of romaine that is just easy and good for basic salads, sandwiches.

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