Friday, June 17, 2011

so, so, so...

the littles & i went to tyler this week.  mon-thurs
i am beat.

tyler, tx is NOT hometown to...
the gap (it closed. what town does NOT have a gap, i ask you??)
normal turn signal lights (they're yellow & blink at you. so weird.)

tyler, tx IS hometown to...
earl campbell
mercados mexican restaurant (where butter comes in a squirt bottle, truly perfecting tortilla eating)
roadside rose stands
my sweet friends (whom i dearly, dearly love & who make up for the lack of gap & weird lights)

we swam, ate crap, chatted incessantly, made rope bracelets, & painted toes.
it could have been summer 15 years ago {+ 7 kids}.


nonna said...

does tyler still even have a mall? i think people have given up on shopping in that town, no? i did hear that brookshires finally started to carry some organic food though!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I can't believe there isn't a gap there - I agree what town that size doesn't? And I know what you mean about those flashing yellow lights - they have them in Waco and they are the most confusing thing! Hope you recover from the business of travel with kids!

Ruth Lee said...

we just got back from Tyler on Friday. I hope y'all enjoyed your time :)

mere said...

i'm still tired too! but it was worth it! we should have gone to mercados or posados...DUH! love you and thank you for making the trip. :)

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