Monday, June 6, 2011

open letter to my friend

hey jaclyn -
i was thinking about our conversation yesterday.

about how freaking hard it is to be a mom,
how we constantly seem to wonder "am i doing the right thing?",
how we'd like to know how to get {fill in the blank with child's name} to do (or NOT do!) {fill in the blank with behavior} NOW!
how we realize 90% of the whole deal {if not more!} is really about us anyway. & also letting go.
how we SO need time away to remember who WE are {not just mommy}, but how it's so hard to ask for what we need... you know the g-word {guilt}.

so last night i found THIS post & had to share. the latter part of the post had me in tears. you, too?
i'm sharing this with a few more gals, too. hope you don't mind :)



Anonymous said...

Kelly, it sounds like it is time for me to come for a visit and give you time for a long soak in the tub, time to shop alone and maybe some time to get a cup of coffee and read a good book!! When is good for you?

kelly said...

NOW :)

Jaclyn said...

oh, I do believe I am lost without you!!!
I love that post...and you...and perfect timing. For real.

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