Tuesday, June 7, 2011


one of my favorite tips from living in europe was the idea that you can wear the same clothes two days (or more!) in a row & not think a thing of it. of course the whole eurpean-not-showering-daily thing, was a nice touch, but i had long since caught that wave. having never been able to conqueor my thick, crazy hair, doing daily blow drier battle has always seemed like a colossal waist of time.
the clothes thing is so genius though. especially when you have something you like to wear everyday. i know "capris" are probably totally out, but i SO love these denim ones that i have & i can't stop wearing them. do feel embarrassed for me??! i know.
here's where i get all drama: they have the style of a jean, while providing the coolness of shorts (well, sort of), & also giving me a some coverage when i'm feeling a little varicose vein/cellulite/white leg conscious. how could i not love them?
here they are (of course, i'm wearing them today.)...

& yes, i

know if you see me IRL, you have likely noticed i wear these a lot. i'm just being so european, okay?
nevermind that euros don't really wear capris. just ignore that small fact, okay?


Anonymous said...

Come, we'll put the dreaded, do I dare say it?? bathing suit.... on and float down the creek and get some sun on those white legs!! Then you can get some shorts. COME ALONE!!!! oK, you can bring the kids (isn't it wonderful that they don't notice fat yet!!) Really, come next week for a few, give Clint a break, he can work on furniture and website uninterupted.
Love Mom

Jen Haney said...

Can I come too?:) that sounds wonderful. My legs are ghostly white as well.

Anonymous said...

Jen, please come! That would be such fun....bring Jean. Really yall plan a week and let me know.
Love to you and Patrick.

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