Wednesday, June 1, 2011

real women

real women wear bathing caps.
& eat tonka trucks.


Jaclyn said...

i love this so much. seriously.

kelly said...

jac - ME TOO! i keep coming back just to look @ these pics :)

mere said...

LOVE! she looks like H1 in second pic!

Christy said...

i agree with meredith!
LOVE this pic!
where did you get that precious hat?

kelly said...

oh, i definitely agree - she looks a LOT like baby hud in that one!

c - the hat was a handmedown from our friend ruth, but i think you can get them janie & jack. they're AWESOME! they stretch really well (though you wouldn't think it to look @ them) & i love not having to worry so much about her head getting burned!

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