Thursday, June 2, 2011

sunny side up

okay, this blog is getting entirely too sunny.  i mean seriously.  i've said it a few times & i'll say it now - i don't want people to read this blog & think i have it all together & wrapped up in a neat bow with a bag of potato chips.  do you feel me?

i think about my posts from last week & i'm pretty sure by reading my blog, no one could tell i was having a thoroughly miserable week.  i mean, there were bright spots for sure, but it was overall pretty rough.  & while i don't think i have to delve into every issue of my life here on the ol' blog (would we really have time for that?), i do want to maintain some authenticity here & not make it all about rainbows & lollipops.

have i ever even blogged about rainbows & lollipops?
okay, nevermind.  you understand what i'm saying

so issue #1.  clint totally quit his job.  yep.  you've probably been wondering about that.  i've meant to post about it & then just haven't.  i realized it's a lot easier to include pics of your baby daughter in a swim cap than it is to figure out how to write about things like "calling".  i still don't really know what to write to describe what we're doing right now, so i'm going to make a list of "facts"...

FACT:  clint quit his job (i believe that's been sufficiently covered)
FACT:  we felt like a change like this was coming & have been wrestling with, praying about, living with, wondering about, breathing through this for over a year & finally just had to take the next step.
FACT:  clint spends his days making {amazing} furniture.
FACT:  i've made enough pillows to rival target.
FACT:  we're working on a website & will be selling to retailers (& probably directly from our site, too)
FACT:  huge, crazy giving will be a part of our company.  as in when a table is purchased, a table will be given to a family in need.
FACT:  i don't know how in the heck all of this is going to work out.
FACT:  i know that "still, small voice" does.
FACT:  i can trust the "still, small voice" even though it's crazy.

okay, that about sums it up for now.  i'll keep you update, okay?  for now, thanks for going on this crazy journey with us...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honesty kelly! We are excited for you guys and what the future holds. I think you are very honest on your blog and appreciate your "realness" (if that is even a word). We need to talk soon. Can't wait to see the furniture and pillows! Love to the harps!

Jaclyn said...

I think y'all are awesome, and I think your pillows are awesome too. Love you!!

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