Friday, June 10, 2011

when you're 4...

big trucks are rreallllly awesome.

& rreallly loud.
hudson (capital H)HATES loud noises. the vacuum cleaner, blender, coffee grinder, bathtub spigot. he's kind of a loud noise primadonna. if we dare touch that vacuum or run the bath water, hands slam over his ears & he glares. oh that glare!

this makes his love for trucks & lawn equipment problematic. you can see the anguish in his eyes when encountering heavy machinery in action -
oh! It's a big truck(happy, happy)! oh! it's SO LOUD (NOT happy, happy).

i remember being 4 & being pretty fascinated with our big, red tractor (yes, i had a brief stint as a quasi-farm girl, did i ever tell you?). also i was so totally terrified.

it was so big & awesome (wow)!
it was so big & awesome (gasp).

i was proud of him for watching the big truck so closely today, despite the noise (& okay, there was that fence keeping the scary thing @ bay, but still!). he's getting a little better about the vacuum cleaner.

it's an experience to see the little guy conquering a fear.
even if it's in baby steps, i'm proud :)
& really inspired.

(here, i must also mention holland, who runs after the vacuum cleaner, begging to "help". no fear? what is fear? lord, help me.)


Jaclyn said...

singing happy birthday to Hudson in a group whisper was my favorite. I love him!!

kelly said...

oh jaclyn - i forgot about that!! haha! so glad you reminded me! you're right, that was classic hud :)

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