Thursday, June 9, 2011


i bought a journal last weekend.
a wide ruled, "one subject", green notebook.
the one subject is me :)

do you journal?

i've journaled off&on for years.  probably close to 20.  i cleaned out my room the summer i was going away to college, & distinctly remember throwing several of my journals away.  i didn't think my thoughts were worth much. 
how can i put it?  i had some issues.

thankfully @ 32, i'm a little better. 
also i know how to mask my issues better & that's god's honest truth.  speaking of, i've been trying to tell god's honest truth more these days & i tell you what, it can get a little dicey.
the journal is a guide to help me mask less & tell {live!} that god's honest truth a little more.

my first inclination is to get this right.  you know, to journal the RIGHT way.  if that sounds dumb, it is.  instead, i'm ignoring myself (sometimes a very excellent practice) & writing whatever i darn well please.  there is no "getting the journal right".  there is only the journal.  if that sounds dumb, it may be.  but i'm taking a chance that it isn't :)


Jen Haney said...

Girl, you know if I didn't journal I would be crazy....:) I owe it all to you. I started journaling again when you gave me one for my birthday in 1996- and I havent stopped! Love you. Can't wait to see you SOON!! Yay!

mere said...

you crack me up! first of all, i love journaling and don't do it enough and really could use some journaling these days. jen- you have always been great about journaling. secondly, i can't wait to see you and hear all about "god's honest truth"! love you girls! :)

kelly said...

yes, well i will share :) it truly is something to have friends you've known for so long. see you guys - yes, soon!

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