Friday, July 22, 2011

10 years.

yesterday was our 10 year anniversary.
10 years.
we celebrated by getting into a pretty intense argument.  cool :)  though i've {finally} realized conflict actually isn't something to avoid.  arguments are real in-your-face chances to change & morph into who you (both singularly & together) want to become. 
not that i think about that much in the middle of an argument.
but we did fight our way through & as always {when we hang in there & try not to control OR run away} ended up having a good talk. 
i guess it's a bit ironic that i'm writing about this now because when we were engaged, i told clint i knew i wanted to marry him because he was someone i cared enough to fight through things with.
romantic, no?  ha!
anyway, we DID make it to the sunnier side & that made dinner fun.  dinner WITH our two punky kids.
we are blessed.

when we got home, hudson took our picture from the playhouse.
here's how it turned out.
10 pictures for 10 years...

here's to life & love. 
neither which are the least bit easy.  both of which are worth it all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!

Got to show that boy the auto focus!

Kelly, love the blouse. So not like you to wear floral!

Oh and Clint, love you in stripes!

Here's to the next 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelly said...

thanks, mom :) i know, that shirt is a stretch for me - so bold!! ha!

Waco Sudans said...

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 10 years. I remember walking through those times with you guys and it just seems like yesterday. I am so proud of you both. Keep working through those arguments. Blessings. Artie

kelly said...

hi dr sudan - thanks for the love :) i'll share your words with clint...

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly!!!! Can't believe it is 10 years! I remember that day 10 years ago! Yes - it is hard work. For some reason Hollywood doesn't portray "love" like that. Glad you were able to celebrate with your sweet family.
PS - I love that flowery shirt too!

Amy Marable said...

Happy anniversary!! Loving all your blogging recently! I have made the butterscotch brownies twice too! Sooooo good!

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