Thursday, July 21, 2011

copy cat

okay, so i don't know that Design*Sponge saw my post yesterday & quickly got a photo shoot together to totally copy me, BUT
i have a sneaking suspicion.
i mean, just look @ this pic...
okay, obvs i'm totally kidding, but it's funny how i keep seeing the combo of these industrial chairs with wood tables. this table's more vintage-y, but i prefer our craftsmen tables. i know i'm the teeeeeniest bit biased, but i prefer the contrast of styles - provides more interest & drama i think. should i email design*sponge & let them know?? :) heehee.

happy thursday, peeps.


nonna said...

happy 10 years!!! i can't believe it! congrats! love/miss you mostest! xx

Anonymous said...

Can't believe they copied you!!!

kelly said...

thanks nons :) but i WIN the missing contest, hands down yo!

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