Friday, July 29, 2011


holland looooves babies. 
loves them in books, loves them on tv, loves them in real life.  "bebeee!!!", she squeals when she spots any young looking babyish little one.  this can be problematic.  once she squealed "bebeee!!" to an older boy.  he, not realizing she meant this as a tremendous compliment, gave us all a disapproving once over & announced, "I'M THREE.".
hollands' baby obsession all but got us kicked out of the library the other day.  she wouldn't leave the babies alone, even dive bombing them from my arms.  in my retelling of the baby theatrics to clint, we realized there was a need to reintroduce little miss mommy holland to the lone baby doll in this house.  the one she got from her cousin last year (THANKS, KAEGEN!)

i found it & called the little mama, saying "hollland!!!  look what this is!!!".  "beeebeeeeeee!!" she announced, pleased as punch.  a teeny "beebee"!!  she took that baby & with a grin kissed it over & over.  at least i'm pretty sure they were kisses.  they weren't bites, were they?  no, let's think of them as kisses...
**announcement:  our Harp Design Co site is going LIVE on monday!!  yipppeeee!!!  i'll post a link here on monday...

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Anonymous said...

Went to town today, looked for baby dolls! Good gosh! I just wanted a simple baby doll! Simple? good luck! They take a bottle, peepee and poop! Really? Isn't that too much for a one year old? And what about the mess??? You go, yall have a much better selection and it is you who will decide who cleans up. I'll do the easy part and pay for it! The one she has is cute, so whatever you think.
Love Mimi

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