Thursday, July 28, 2011

$2.50 treat

last week i craved some-kind-of-yummy-food like crazy. i've fought off going to panera for lunch about 17x {feels like}. their food isn't even that outstanding, but the frontega chicken sandwich is the best thing i can get for not too much $ & relatively quick.
& it has basil & mozzarella, & i love basil & mozzarella.
& hudson will eat it if i pick off the onion (red!) & basil & that means i don't have to make lunch for him.
(oh & the bread is crusty & i love crusty bread.)
but i haven't gone (yet).

i wasn't thrilled about going back into penny-watching mode with this new life. i'm a generally frugal-ish type of person anyway, but it's one thing to choose to be frugal & another to not have much income coming in (yet)! so there i was, h u n g r y for something yummy & knowing i didn't need to spend the $ {bum} when i saw soulemama's post about feta dip.
i'm sorry. did you say, FETA + DIP?
because i am IN.

so for a $2.50 feta splurge, i made this yumminess that totally hit the spot...


you can find the feta dip recipe here.
i wrote about making pita chips here.
& here's info on making carrots. (haha. just kidding!)

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