Tuesday, July 26, 2011


lately it seems like most people i know are going through one kind of struggle or another (if not several all @ once). it seems like we're all in a real bind. i wanted to share {with others & again with myself!} a few things that i'm leaning on these days...
*fair warning: this is likely to be lengthy!

"getting what you thought you really wanted rarely, if ever, transforms how you think & feel about life; in fact, it often darkens & deepens & magnifies the power that 'wanting' has over you. therefore, rather than 'working hard toward what you think you want' (which is like taking a very slow & treacherous boat to china), you can practice 'dying to how you think' & 'awakening to spirit', thereby saving yourself lots of time & energy. but most times, given our terrible fear of the unknown, we just tend to stay on the boat, @ least until life totally capsizes it."
-anonymous (from a friend's email)

"you get your confidence & intuition back by trusting yourself, by being militantly on your own side."
-anne lamott "bird by bird"

"unless the lord builds the house,
it's builders labor in vain.
unless the lord watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.
in vain you rise early,
& stay up late,
toiling for food to eat -
for he grants sleep to
those he loves (& he loves you)."
-psalms 127

"my true religion is kindness."
-dalai lama (14)

(speaking of the above statement) "that is a great moral position - practicing kindess, keeping one's heart open in the presence of suffering."
-anne lamott "bird by bird"

"get over yourself! you're going to f' up! it'll be OK."
-claire dederer "poser"

"and so we know & rely on the love god has for us. god is love. whoever lives in love lives in god, & god in him... there is no fear in love. but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. the one who fears is not made perfect in love."
-book of I John 4:16, 18

and finishing with an "oldie, but a goodie"...
"he has shown you, o man,
what is good.
and what does the lord
require of you?
to act justly,
& to love mercy,
& to walk humbly with your god."
-book of micah 6:8

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