Thursday, August 18, 2011

dress up day

on monday we got a shipment of clothes from our favorite store - seba handmedowns!  our sweet friends, the sebas (hi ruth!) have a son & a daughter, each about 1 yr older than hudson & holland.  for several years now we've bought all of their handmedowns & sometimes i think it might be the best idea i ever had. 
ruth & i agreed on a price that was a great bargain for me* & also meant ruth didn't have to deal with resale shops (so frustrating to iron & hang everything, then get it all in the shop & only get to sell whatever they'll take, oh & also only seasonal stuff!).  i don't care if the clothes are ironed & even if a few have small stains, i know my kids will add to that stain collection :)  & i love mixing & matching the clothes with other stuff we have - it's a challenge to the creative brain!
usually i wait until the littles are sleeping to delve into organizing all of the clothes, but this time they were curious to see what was in the boxes, so i just went for it - setting the boxes on the floor & organizing while they went through pulling out what appealed to their creative eye & having an impromptu dress-up session.  @ some point in the chaos & mess, i set up a mirror for them, which doubled the fun - especially for miss holland.  the whole thing was crazy, but so fun.  my favorite times with hudson & holland are when we make whatever everyday task we're doing into a fun adventure.  it's a challenge, especially when the adult in me just wants to avoid mess :)

*thanks to the sebas for making our dress up morning possible!  ha!  & also for just giving us this last shipment of clothes - so sweet of you guys :)

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, Holland reminds me so much of Kaegen in these pictures! Perhaps it's the love of clothes and modeling them! SO CUTE

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