Friday, August 19, 2011

i call this one...

i call this picture "italian vacation"
because it looks like the h's are in a tiny sports car, zooming around rome, eating pasta & basking in the sun.
like in old movies.
i've never been into old movies.  like "roman holiday".  have you seen it?
maybe i've been missing out???
i think the last old movie i saw was in 5th grade when meredith mason williams came over to spend the night & convinced me to rent "pillow talk" with doris day.
if you know meredith, you won't @ all be surprised that she watched movies like pillow talk @ age 12.
do you have a favorite old movie?

ps:  clint & i caught a few scenes of "overboard" the other day!!!  i'm not sure that's quite an old movie yet, but OHMYGOSH!  we laughed so hard & couldn't believe we ever sat through the whole movie (500x).


Anonymous said...

LOVE this pic! Hey, remember when i made yall watch "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart! I LOVE that movie. Wish i could find it and buy it. You should become the next Jeanne Robertson....look her up at

mere said...

OMG you are totally missing out! anything doris day is so good! and i too watch some overboard this funny!!! love the 80's! haha!
ps H1 & H2 look so cute in that pic!

Jen Haney said...

I love overboard and watched it this weekend too!! I also watched alot of Doris Day movies with Mere!:) love the pic of the kiddos!!

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