Wednesday, August 24, 2011

graphic design

in the journey of creating our website {} & in playing around with this blog, i found a new venture in graphic design.
originally, clint & i thought we'd just pay for webdesign for the HDC site, but after looking around, i was FLOORED @ the costs.
webdesign is A LOT of work, so i get why it's so $$$, but we just didn't have the $, so we sort of dove in the deep in & learned to swim.
i'm a total newbies, of course.  but the good news about newbies is they don't charge much because they're learning!
if you're in need, but a little shell shocked @ prices, too - we might just be a great match!
i'm happy to work with whatever budget you have (seriously).

services include...
1.  business cards
2.  simple website design (or blog)
3.  logo creation
4.stationery/letterhead creation
5.  advertising blog button

clint & i took all of the pictures on our site {}, & edited them ourselves.  if you need product pictures, we're experienced in that as well.
email me @ kghmaddie(at)yahoo(dot)com to start the conversation...
***for examples of my "style" visit our site as well as pictures in this blog - last week especially i went a little crazy with pictures ;)

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