Tuesday, August 23, 2011


you'll have to excuse me if i get a little emotional today.
a little teary here & there.
the good kind, of course.
yesterday i found out a friend is having twins {TWINS!}, which only magnifies a truth i've been experiencing on a deeper level ever since we started this whole crazy adventure.
this is who god is to me.
a grandmother who sends a dollar to each of her plethora of grandchildren, children of her 12 children, knowing so very little can be bought for a dollar, but so very much is purchased with the tiniest gift of love.
the widow's mite.

god's gifts often seem to me too small. or way too big. not the way i'd like them to fit. not exactly what i wanted.
i'd rather have the latte cups from anthropologie, thank you.
but those cups won't ever teach be about the widow's mite, won't give me the eyes to see, the ears to hear.
god is so unbelieveably, inconceivably good. the universe is @ work all around us in the most amazing of ways & always, always for good.

good & sometimes totally overwhelming.
like twins.
TWO carseats
TWO cribs
5 million diapers x TWO
(breath, breath)
TWO babies to feed
TWO babies to get back to sleep
but yet how incredible to be given new life... and TWO! double the insanity & double the beautiful, beautiful blessing. more love to share, more funny stories, more life to live, more gifts to give, more kisses, more squeezes, more giggles, more faces to see light up @ the wonder of a ladybug...

the universe is always @ work. always bringing me exactly what i need.
so beautiful.
i know my work is to remember this tomorrow when i get a little over(or under)whelmed with my "gifts".


ThePoeFam said...

Read ONE THOUSAND GIFTS by Ann Voskamp! It will change your life! Your post made me think of that book...and of how much you'll love it!

mere said...

thank you kel! it made me teary eyed (except for the stressful section on the "two" stuff...YIKES!! haha!) even though i know this wasn't about me it is so good to see your thoughts and you are exactly right! the miracle of life is something ONLY god can accomplish and therefore i know it is his "doing" and he is behind all things! he does miracles every day in you and his people!

brittany i have heard about that book and how fabulous it is. maybe i need to read it!!

Jaclyn said...

I love when you said "good is sometimes totally overwhelming." So true....usually overwhelmed....ALWAYS drowning in good :)

kelly said...

brit - i have heard of that book - will have to check it out...!
mere - thanks to you (& KYLE!) for the inspiration :)
jac - yes, i know the feeling :)

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