Tuesday, August 9, 2011

pop recipe

you can seriously use any fruit &/or juice combination here - it's a great way to use up extras.  i've even used watermelon.  it was yum!  & if your fruit isn't sweet enough for you, try adding a ripe banana.  {whenever our bananas are getting a little too ripe, i stick them in the freezer for popsicle & smoothie use.} 

also, a thought on greek yogurt:  we've recently discovered this goodness.  it's quite $$, but has NO sugar & is a great source of calcium & protein.  hudson {bizarrely} loves it mixed with applesauce for "dessert", & also "dip" for carrots.  we use it for hummus, popsicles & smoothies.  apparently you can use it for muffins & bread, too.  i love that if hudson & holland want a popsicle right before dinner it's no big deal - they're actually getting stuff i'd give them to eat anyway (yogurt, fruit, juice), yet they feel like they're getting away with something :)

*popsicle molds can be purchased on amazon for pretty cheap.  this is the one we have.  (i don't love that it's plastic, but i've yet to come up with a way to make pops with glass!!)

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