Wednesday, August 10, 2011

our fav sesame street moment

{& trust me, we've seen many.}
i love this short little song.  i dare you to listen to it without at least tapping your toe :)


Mel Cable said...

love it, I also love the jason mraz song on SS.

kelly said...

yes! me too - let's goooo outdoors :)

Jaclyn said...

i love this! i showed the kids and we just watched it several times....wish it was on itunes!

Anonymous said...

Love the song :) but I wonder... why does Will.I.Am look so bored?

kelly said...

jac - i agree. it would be a fun one for the car, huh?
court - hahahahaaa!! i know! sometimes it looks like he might fall asleep! so funny that you noticed that, too! maybe he's trying to be all gangsta cool or something? i still love you will. even if you have to act all coolio on sesame street :)

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