Tuesday, August 16, 2011

saturday adventure

 *it turns out that tortillas are a challenging art - they are edible, but i'm still working on my technique :)
**used this recipe (1 1/2c whole wheat flour + 1/2c white flour)

we eat tortillas like nobody's business.
like 3-4 for lunch (quesadillas), 2 for snacks, & sometimes even for dinner.  so $2.29 isn't bad for 10 freshly made HEB whole wheat tortillas, but when you find yourself buying 4 packs in one week, you start thinking seriously about learning to make your own.  i find it interesting how lack of having a "regular income" actually stimulates my creative juices.  endeavors i normally wouldn't get around to end up becoming priorities with the added bonus of saving $.  hmmm. 
remind me that i said that next time i'm freaking out about this crazy adventure we're on, okay?!

happy week, people.

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nonna said...

RECIPE! i need it yesterday!

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