Sunday, August 14, 2011


maybe because i'm crazy, or maybe because i'm just an overachiever in the getting-ready-for-the-2-days-it'll-be-under-40-degrees-this-winter department, but i made a hat & scarf set this weekend.

i've learned how to knit about 15x, but it never seems to stick with me. if i take a few days off, i go back to staring @ those needles thinking, "so the yarn goes where? & i do what with it?"

somehow crochet seems to make sense to me.
a few youtube videos & i'm hooked (get it??! hooked!! haha!).
i can only do a few B A S I C stitches, but i guess that's enough to make this gal happy...
serious cuteness.
if we're still here this winter, we'll @ least have fun playing dress up :)

ps: i still need to add a little length to the hat (i believe i've mentioned my children have head sizes off the percentile charts) & add the little circle flower & we'll be ready for winter playtime.


Jaclyn said...

#1- she could NOT be cuter!
#2- is there anything you can't do?

you are so my most talented friend :)

kelly said...

jac - do you count the creator of matilda jane as your friend??! is so, that's a H U G E compliment! haha!! thanks :) you're so sweet to me!

nonna said...

i LOVE it!
please can you make a bigger hat for me? it's already getting cold here :(

Anonymous said...

I want one, please (and no, I'm not joking)! So cute!

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